General Management

Adem Kapur is the founder and General Manager of PMS Personal Masters Systems. He is a scientist and consultant of executives in Germany and in the german-speaking foreign countries. As the General Manager of the KDE Cooperation of Energology he successfully manages eight companies and he is nominated as a professor. mehr

The Team

Competent, friendly, professional.
Our clients are consulted and trained exclusively by our experts. Our team consists of Energologists, business pedagogues, cultural pedagogues, pedagogues, psychologists, economists, documentalists and commercial co-workers.

Our Philosophy

Systems according to the model of nature, applicable for existing and developing enterprises. The intelligence of nature with its universal principles of order and law transferred for the use of companies. PMS systems have a renewing effect, where conventional economic systems are no longer successful. mehr

Company History

The development of PMS started with revolutionary research results in the area of economic systems based on the Science of Energology and with the great demand for innovative organigrams and organisational systems. December 1999: Foundation of PMS Personal Masters Systems by Adem Kapur. Already at the time of foundation of PMS first customer contracts were signed. mehr



More competence through cooperation is our main approach. The Cooperation of Energology (KDE) is a group of institutions and companies operating on the basis of the science of Energology. The main approach of the KDE is the pro-humane orientation of all products and services where man and his environment are the focal point of their activities and tasks. mehr